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COTTAGE VIBES Inc. is a new and emerging Canadian multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform and lifestyle brand engaging all who embrace the cottage, cabin, lake house, beach, backyard, resort and lake lifestyle across Canada. We are paving the way to be the place to go for the coolest products and amazing experiences to enhance your “cottage lifestyle” locally, regionally, nationally and globally. We are driven to make our customers’ cottage vibes even better – more fun, more entertaining and more memorable. We create and celebrate amazing experiences for families, friends and communities. We are dedicated to building relationships within our communities.

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We are focused on being your one place to go to inspire your style – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  It’s one-stop shopping as well as an innovative hub to embrace your cottage vibes and enhance your lifestyle.  Come join us.  Come experience our unique marketplace and lifestyle brand. 

Our Story

We Started
Cottage Vibes

2020 was a year of reflection and many of us took the time to get really clear on what’s important to us – and what’s not.  Our team all realized how much we love creating and experiencing “cottage vibes” – and how this could pave the way to create a lifestyle brand that supports this passion that is also shared by so many other people in so many different ways.

We also realized that there was not one place where people could go to find, create and enhance their vibes and inspire their style – whether at the cottage, cabin, lake house, beach, backyard, resort or lake.

Those discussions at our docks and around our firepits resulted in creating COTTAGE VIBES INC. – a lifestyle brand AND an innovative multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace.  We’re now committed to bringing our fresh perspectives and good vibes to every “cottage lifestyle” lover we come into contact with.  We’re also committed to making a difference with our customers, our vendors, our strategic partners, our sponsors and our communities.


While there is a massive market of cottage owners, cottage goers and “cottage lifestyle” lovers, there were no e-commerce sites that were solely dedicated to providing “cottage lifestyle” products, services and events.  The shopping experience has been scattered and decentralized.


More and more customers enjoy the convenience, safety and selection of online shopping so there was a gap in meeting this need as it relates to the cottage, cabin, lake house, beach, backyard, resort or lake lifestyle.


The pandemic and increased online shopping has also had a massive negative impact on many local businesses, especially those businesses that do not offer e-commerce.  Many vendors were forced to close their doors or are just getting by with minimal and often decreasing revenues.

Our Story
Our Story


The scattered and decentralized shopping experience has now become centralized and convenient with COTTAGE VIBES. 

Customers are trying to find new ways to enhance their “cottage lifestyle” experiences – and local businesses are trying to find new customers – and now there’s an amazing meeting place where this will happen – at COTTAGE VIBES’ unique marketplace.

We want to support local artists, artisans and business owners by helping to connect them with this massive customer base of cottage lifestyle fans.

We are going to help vendors extend their reach and expand their customers so they can increase their sales and scale their business – and they can thrive vs. just survive.

It’s one-stop shopping for those “cottage lifestyle” lovers that are looking for unique ways to enhance their cottage vibes – by learning about what’s cool and trending for the cottage, lake, beach and backyard life – and paving the way to securing it through our amazing vendors.

We are making it easy for our customers to find everything they need and want – and for our vendors to fill these needs and wants.

We also have a strong community focus through our extraordinary experiential programs and events – driven by our ongoing commitment to building relationship within our communities.

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