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Turkish Cotton Body Towel | Honeycomb in Yellow + Orange

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Why you’ll love Turkish Cotton Body Towel | Honeycomb in Yellow + Orange by Pomp & Sass

Wrap yourself in luxury

Canadian designed towels made with pure Turkish cotton and featuring custom exclusive styles.

Our spa-quality towel can be used in the bath, at the beach and as a throw blanket. Versatile, soft, absorbent, lightweight and gorgeous, they are perfect for traveling.

Check your Sass

  • Sensitive skin approved
  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • 3′ X 6′ | 90x170cm
  • Lightweight at 0.83lb | 370 grams
  • Pre-washed & won’t shrink
  • Machine washable

The Pomp is free

These luxury woven towels are ethically made, environmentally friendly plus we donate a portion of profits to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. We are a female- owned, small Canadian business. 


Pomp & Sass towels are designed exclusively by us. We customize the product based on the original Hammam Bath towels developed hundreds of years ago. Then we add some sass with our original styles. We work directly with our manufacturer to ensure they are the right size, weight, quality and finish.

You may know this item as other names:

  • Hammam Spa Towels
  • Pestemals (or Peshtemals depending on your preference)
  • Futas
  • Turkish Towels
  • Bath Sheet
  • Woven Towels

Pomp & Sass Towels Have Been Used As:

  • Bath Towel
  • Hair Towel
  • Beach Towel 
  • Sarong
  • Shawl
  • Scarf
  • Light Blanket
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Table Cloth
  • Table Runner

A Fun Story

A customer once brought a Pomp & Sass towel onto a plane by wearing it like a scarf. She used is as a blanket and rolled it as a pillow during the flight. She tucked it into her cary on after the flight because it was warm. When she arrived at her destination she used it at the beach then wore it to dinner as shawl. It washed in the sink and was dry for the next morning. It became a sarong to the pool and dried several times as she went back into the water. During her vacation it was beautiful in photos and made her life easier. 

Additional Information

Absorbent & Fast to Dry:

Turkish cotton is a long stand fibre. When spun into a yarn, it offers a durable, absorbent and soft surface. The way we weave the product maximizes the natural absorbency of the fibre while also allowing it to dry quickly. The resulting towels is highly functional and can be used as a towel, light blanket and many other items. 

Pure Turkish cotton can absorb up to 25 times its weight in water.  

Are the tassels durable too?

Pomp & Sass tassels are machine washable. You can use this product for years and the tassels still look great. 

To remove the tassels, use a pair of sharp sowing scissors to cut them off in a straight line. Double roll the raw edge and sew with a strong thread. 

Why Not Hand Woven?

Think about it. Would you want to hand weave towels? We certainly don’t! Machines offer better quality, consistency and speed. It doesn’t take jobs away either. 

Pomp & Sass towels are machine woven and hand finished. Adult men and women are equally hired to hand knot the tassels, sew on the tags, attach the swing tags and pack the boxes. This work is much better than sitting at a weaving machine all day and supports more people along the way. 

There is only one company that hand weaves towels in Turkey and they don’t make this kind of towel. In 2019 we asked them to quote us for what it would cost to have one person hand weave the towels. The price for us to acquire the towels was so expensive we would have had to charge over $200 a towel. So next time someone tells you their towels are hand woven, ask them about that. 


Pomp & Sass is a trademarked company with copy rights to all of our styles. Our founder hand draws each style and works with our manufacturer to make the product we sell.

Reasons to love & use a Pomp & Sass towel

  • Bath sheets are internationally used
  • Beach, no sand sticks!
  • Yoga towels to roll or cool down with
  • Travel friendly
  • Small space approved
  • Absorbent 
  • Fast to dry
  • Soft and only gets softer
  • Lightweight for travel and mobility
  • Loved as a light blanket
  • White knotted tassels was well
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Shipping

    We practice sustainable business.

    Pomp & Sass ships in noissue mail bags or cardboard boxes lines with tissue paper. We are also using biodegradable stickers. Our carrier is Canada Post or other qualifying shipping partners.

    We ship within 2-3 business days excluding holidays.

    As we move away from plastic, some towels may arrive in poly bags and others may not. Once all towels packaged in poly bags are sold, we will only restock with plastic free options.

    Poly bags are available upon request but are not recommended.


    Pomp & Sass is transitioning to tired shipping prices. They are listed bellow:

    Canadian Customers in Canadian Dollars

    • $50+ = $15 shipping
    • $80+ = $10 Shipping
    • $150+ = free

    USA Customers in US Dollars

    • $60+ = $15
    • $90+ = $10
    • $150+ = free

    UK Customers in British Pounds

    • 50+ = 10 GBP
    • 80+ = 15 GBP
    • 100+ = free


    Warranty Policy

    New, unused, unscented products purchased directly from Pomp & Sass Inc with original tags may be returned within 14 days of purchase to Pomp & Sass. Cottage Vibes customers are included in this. Before you ship the product, please reach out with a reason and images of the product to hello@pompandsass.ca for quality control. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. An address will be provided if the product meets our initial quality inspection. Upon arrival, a secondary quality inspection will be made to ensure the towel can be sold. If the return passes, a refund will be issued. If it fails, the customer will have the option to pay for shipping or the product will be donated to charity without refund.

    Cottage Vibes customers are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

    We have to be very strict with refunds as Turkish towels are hygiene product.

    Should the product arrive damaged due to shipping error, we will require images from the customer to place a claim with currier. The shipping company will then pay for a replacement. This requires that the customer participate in the claim process.

    Product Enquiry

    Product Enquiry


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