White Truffle Flavoured Chips 4 packs

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Locally Sourced and High-Quality Ingredients. Try this lovingly prepared snack by my family for yours.

We searched high and low until we found the perfect potato…and indeed, the potato makes the difference! Carefully selected, hand-cut potato chips are enriched with the intoxicating aroma of earthy white truffles and the subtle sprinkle of sea salt. Best to tuck away and eat this richly satisfying snack alone because they will not last long once they’re open. Serve it as a well-deserved treat along with a martini, a glass of champagne or beer. It’s a perfect and decadent snack at private cocktail parties. We designed a 4-pack because 1 bag is simply not enough. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: potato, sunflower oil, maltodextrin, salt, whey powder, powdered milk, flavour enhancer: E621 and E635, sugar, onion powder, dried cream, flavours. It can contain traces of peanuts, soy and wheat (gluten). Average nutritional values per 100 g: Energy 2171 kJ/ 520 kcal Fat 28 g of which saturated fatty acids 3,2 g; Carbohydrates 58 g of which sugars 1.9 g; Proteins 6.9 g; Salt 1.3g.


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