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Local Talent Hot Sauce
Local Talent Hot Sauce

Local Talent Hot Sauce

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We are a spicy couple from Toronto, Ontario with a love for hot sauce and anything spicy! We love a lot of different types of hot sauces, but we were having a hard time finding one with the right balance of flavour and heat, so we started experimenting with making our own. What began as small-batches for fun at home for family & friends, quickly turned into a business!

We wanted to support local businesses during the pandemic as well, so we rented local commercial kitchens to make our sauce, and source all our ingredients from local vendors & growers.

The main focus of our hot sauces is flavour. Our first ingredient is always the pepper, because we want to shine the spotlight on the actual taste of each type of pepper, to showcase the unique flavour profiles they have to offer. The heat is complimented with fresh vegetables & fruits to bring out all the tastes and texture. We don’t want to ruin your meals or mouths; we strive to not just be a hot sauce, but also a flavour sauce. We want to enhance your meal and palate by always being flavour forward. All of our hot sauces are all-natural; with no artificial preservatives or additives, and are all gluten-free & vegan.

We hope you enjoy our sauces just as much as we enjoy making them!

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