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Monaco Group

Monaco Group

Located in Halton Hills and Honey Harbour, Monaco Group designs and manufactures high-end aluminum products for Southern Ontario. Every product is built 100% from scratch, by hand, to produce a finished masterpiece that will exceed the expectations of our customers. Specializing in CURVED aluminum ramps, we can design and build these to your exacting requirements for whatever challenge you are facing with your ramp needs. Designs can be inclusive of railings, hinges, decking, wheel systems or simply a bare frame for those DIY'ers. We also custom fabricate canoe and kayak holders to fit your dock, deck or rock face needs. We use high purity 6061-T6 grade aluminum with a 4943 silicon based welding wire when we MIG weld our customers fabrications. This combination of aluminum and filler wire allow for good fluidity while supporting low crack sensitivity. The 6061 alloy, which is alloyed with magnesium and silicon, is an excellent choice when welding is required, as is the case with ramps, docks and other lake-side fixtures. It provides stiffness, structural strength and toughness along with good corrosion resistance.





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