We are a LUX Plant-Based and Sustainable Lifestyle Brand for EVERYBODY.  Specializing in the finest wild truffles in the world - direct from our forest to your table. When it comes to food, our passion is sourcing and sharing with you, the most sought-after wild and sustainable ingredients long enjoyed by bon vivants and served by the most reputable chefs worldwide. We begin your journey to the wild forests where hidden treasures of rare and delicious truffles await your discovery. FOUNDER AND HEAD TASTER Wanda Srdoc Hailing from generations of family in the truffle trade and fine foods, I have always had a direct and reliable source to the most esteemed and top-grade truffles from Croatia, Italy and France. My passion is spreading the truffle love! Working in the professional trade for over 17 years, the one thing I have always enjoyed is sharing my knowledge about the unique, mysterious and wonderful world of truffles; whether teaching chefs and their teams or offering cooking classes and truffle themed events. As more and more home chefs and foodies became open to exploring truffles, I felt is was time to offer them a ONE-STOP Truffle resource and shopping site. I am so excited to have created ROOT44 as a space where anyone can learn and access accurate truffle knowledge and purchase exclusive products normally reserved for the professional trade. Canadians can now enjoy exploring the world of truffles and the very best of lux-plant-based ingredients at the touch of their fingers. ROOT44 has factual and fun information about truffles, no-fuss truffles recipes and the world's finest truffle products and sustainable lifestyle essential.





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